Chore Time


Chore time! These are two things that must be done every week. One I enjoy, the other not as much.

This duvet cover is from Jessica but I love it for fall. I also have two down comforters. ( I couldn't part with my twin size one and all the wonderful covers that I have for it) when I upgraded to my full size bed.
I love washing sheets and towels, they feel so good to get into and are easiest to fold. Plus you don't have to keep worrying about socks and undies falling out.

I love this square laundry basket because it fits neatly most places and is the right size for a full load of laundry. I have two laundry basket. One for towels and sheets and the other is for clothes.

Leo's tank needs constant cleaning. He eats a lot of carrots, lettuce and strawberries which produces a messy tank.

As you might notice Leo exceeded the maximum weight capacity for his floating rock. So reinforcement was needed (thanks to my dad's directions).

Presenting the partially deflated water bottle! It works well and now Leo can be dry while he sun baths under his heat lamp. It not only adds support to overweight turtles but Leo has also found another use for it. For him he gets the added bonus of a chew toy. Whenever I see him biting it I tell him no. He however, just ducks under water and pretends not to hear me. Naughty turtle

This is an amazing air purifier. Kristen from upstairs let me borrow it because of my cat allergy. It has made all the difference in keeping my apartment air clean. This is the real MVP.