I appreciate people so much


I've always know and am continued to be reminding that I have wonderful people in my life.

Nikolas has been my friend since freshman and he has always been there for me through all the difficulties that Architecture brings. Today for example we had an Architecture Theory test that counts for 40% of our grade. Together we split over 100 pages of dense dry reading and wrote notes for it. The test went so well because of it, everything I wrote down was on the test and everything he had in the notes was on the exam. It reminded me one how a friendship should work. In this instance it was half and half. Sometimes however one of us needs to pull more than the other and we are always there for each other. I feel so lucky to have him as my friend.

We also understand each others need for a special treat before classes and rough tests.

My backpack is really heavy, I can never seem to lighten it no matter what I take out of it. I love my Northface though, it very supportive and all the compartments and pockets are great to fit everything into.

Another wonderful thing is comfy clothes that come in the form of presents. I am not saying they are wonderful people because they give me presents but more that they think of me! I love them regardless haha
The vest is from my mom which I love and am constantly wearing.
The shirt is from Tom's mom Elizabeth from her recent trip to Martha's Vineyard. It's from the black dog! It has to be the softest shirt on the island, I truly wish it was acceptable to wear every day. It is also in my favorite color, white (which isn't actually a color).

This is right before the exam. You can tell by Nikolas and Victoria that we are ready for this exam.

I also spoke with my Human Growth Development teacher about my interview tomorrow and she was extremely nice and positive. It is so nice to hear from a teacher that is passionate and loves what they are doing. She told me to just be myself and share my passion for caring for people. She also stressed the importance of listening to people and that although rules and protocol are important, it is also important to be a leader and make decisions on what you think is right.

My dad called today to talk about this weekend when I go home to take care of the dogs. I always enjoy talking with him and when he calls to talk. There is something very special that I feel when my parents are happy and in a good mood.

Tom is also such an amazing person in my life. He uplifts my spirits and when I over react about something he always calms me down, which is an incredible thing to have in a relationship.

Lastly I would love to include Brittany in my wonderful people today, because not only did she stop at Wegmans to pick up dinner supplies after work, she brought cake!