Home for the Weekend


This weekend my parents went to Boston so I was asked to watch the boys. On Friday I had dinner at Tom's parents house and they got food from Amore. It was so delicious and after we had fruit tarts from Wegmans. My favorite!

 The puppies have really bad anxiety about being left at home alone even though they get many trips outside. They enjoy going on walks the most and just putting on their leashes sends them into a wild frenzy.

 Noon on sunday we met our friends Kevin and Claire at The Apple Farm. We didn't end up picking apples because it was nearing the end of the season and most were picked. It was almost too cold and windy to pick apples. However, Kevin being the tallest and most weathered outdoorsman among us was able to reach the few remaining good apples.  What a good apple.

What we ate most of was not the apples but the tasty treats that The Apple Farm had to offer.

This is the expression I got when I was supposed to be napping/resting and Tom found me looking at my phone under the covers.