Tiring day


Today was a hard day. From the moment I woke up I knew I was doomed to 5 hours of reviews to listen to.
Monday and Wednesday we are presenting our apartment complex scheme reviews. This review it is Nik and my turn to go on Wednesday.
I got to studio early and did work. 
Before the review started, Nik and I went to Tim  Hortons because we thought it was a good idea to get our professor coffee. He always comments whenever someone has food, where his portion of it is. During the first review the coffee got knocked over and spilled all over the floor. (Thanks to the boys who got paper towels and attempted to mop it up) I'm not sure what this was a sign for but not the best way to start the next 5 hours.

The good news is I spent the review looking over my nutrition notes because I have a test Wednesday night. I guess if I have to be stuck there I might as well be productive.

It's difficult being at school all day. After the review I worked more on the boards for our review until I left early at 6pm. 

When I walked outside, it was raining. I'm obsessive about checking the weather so I was surprised. Let's just say I did not enjoy the freezing cold walk to the car. 

Now I'm so happy to be back in my nice cozy bed. Too bad all my stuff is still sprawled across the living room floor, unpacked, from this weekend. Oops