What goes on during an Architecture Review?


The biggest question I get about Architecture is "what do you do during all that time spent in the studio?"
Today I am going to reveal exactly what I do...

The basic structure of our studio course is this:
  • M, W, F class from 1-5 (it's supposed to start at 1:30, however our professor arrives early at 1. Lucky us)
  • Most days we have desk critics
  • This year we have partners that we selected at the beginning of the semester (mine is Nik)
  • We spend every day working to improve our plans, elevations and sections of our design for our building. This is done on the computer using AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop and Rhino (I also made the realization that I don't despise the keyboard sounds on my mac as much as the computers at school)
  • At school it is a constant process of typing commands into the computer to tell it what to do: AutoCAD
  • The professor goes around to each group and talks with us. This year, our professor Harry Warren is extremely nice and he likes to take a big roll of trace paper and a fat black sharpie and draw all over it with ideas and suggestions.
  • Each day is a repetition of this until...
The Reviews!

Sitting rather comfortably is Zack, I think he enjoyed his picture being taken. Mainly I wanted to get Kenzie behind him. She watercolors sometimes during the review. People have different strategies to staying awake during reviews. They range from straight coffee injections to mild nudges from fellow students.

The boards below are from the scheme review from today. It is a presentation of all the work we have done in front of critics and other studio groups.

* Side note: The top of the page is supposed to be white, I'm not sure what is happening with the colors right now.

We got a rather ridiculous comment about the small tree size, 22' is how tall they are.... I was planning that they would just be planted. Does that seem small to you? haha

Just trying to upload them individually is crashing my computer because of the file size and data
PS. If you look at the top of the page you will see the sections and elevations. 

Also featured is my partner, post review. He is from Connecticut and wanted to be silly with the sweater. We tried our best to coordinate our outfit.