My Day: School


My body has already told me it is time to wake up because I am an early person. This however is distracted by the fact that my bed is so soft and cozy warm.

It was partially 80 today, so I tried to dress appropriately. It was a success, I was very comfy in my favorite dress.

There is currently no outlet along or near the kitchen wall. This little center serves as a place where I can plug in all my electronics.

I am committed to not letting a 10 pound bag of carrots spoil so I was determined to make carrot and apple juice. It also gives me lots of energy and makes me feel good. That's always a plus for a long day. It tastes so yummy.

This is everything that gets put into my bag and lugged around campus and basically everywhere I go.

Water Bottle
Glasses (which often get forgotten and realized at vitally important lectures when I can not read the board)
2 moleskine notebooks (Calender and Studio Sketchbook)
Pink Pencil case (its Vera Bradly from middle school, the wrist loop has been held together by a safety pin for the last 6 years, the fact that it is still together demonstrates good quality)
Blue Bag (filled with essential cosmetics, medications and anything else I might need in cause of an apocalypse)
Charger (my phone never stays charged)
3 Flashdrives
Thank you letter
Snack (blueberries and apples)

9am- 2 
Architecture Theory test is this thursday and the reading is extremely dry. This is Nikolas and I studying in Studio for the exam. We also did group work for our apartment complex we are designing.

Human Growth and Development Class (my favorite). Today a 2 year old came in. She was adorable and I wanted to adopt her right there and then.
3:20- 5pm 
 more apartment designing for studio....

Best Time of day, Yoga! It was a great class and I will definitely be feeling every muscle tomorrow