What is Simple?


sim·ply: adverb
     in a straight forward or plain manner
     merely; just

define Simple:
  • free from guile: innocent
  • free from vanity: modest
  • of humble origin or display
  • free of secondary complications
  • constituting a basic element: fundamental
  • free from elaboration or figuration
  • not limited or restricted: unconditional
  • readily understood or performed
     It can also have a negative association
  • lack of knowledge or expertise
  • not socially or culturally sophisticated: naive
 So why is simplifying your life important? Many people feel overwhelmed by their internal and external environment. With the addition of new technology so much information is constantly flooding your brain. It this necessary, what benefit does accumulating things and information have?
When you die, everything you've had in your life won't matter anymore.

Simply MME is about getting rid of extra things that I carry, mentally and physically, that are weighing me down. It is the journey of finding the boundaries of what is necessary and unnecessary in my life. I'm trying to seek clarity in what is important and what is extra.

*(This has been and continues to be my favorite song)

My Weekend as the Babysitter


I probably take too much on during my weekends.
This weekend was no exception. Starting off early Saturday morning I babysat a 1 and 3 year old. Being the sweetest kids we had blast playing outside and coloring.

After that I drove straight to my usual babysitting place, where I was greeted by three very energetic boys ranging from 8-17 yrs.

I stayed overnight and we spent the time attempting to burn off energy outside and carving pumpkin. We managed to get through the two days successfully completing homework, tidy the house and only one scraped elbow and knee.

This is a moment of peace, captured after picking up the oldest from the library.

I love when I get home and can take a nice hot shower and put on comfy socks. Even though my apartment is freezing bare legs feel so freeing.

My Calender and Procrastination


Why procrastination will make your day feel slow. Everyday in life people have a set task list (whether they decided to write it down or not) it is there. For me school work is something I don't particularly enjoy doing, although I am enjoying my nursing classes.
I procrastinate and do everything else possible before I finally sit down with my school work.
This is not a good way to start the day, I am dragging my feet and constantly thinking about what I have to do soon.

The best approach I have found is to do it first. Wake up and realize if you do it first and get it done with the rest of the day will be yours to do guilty free things. So this morning I decided not to pace around my apartment anymore. I listened to my lecture and after felt great.

My moleskine notebooks have been my journal/ planner/ calender of choice for over 5 years now. I love how they all are uniformed looking when put on a self.

My current calender I am obsessed about only writing in it with a Mitsubishi Pen.
The big paper clip gets moved each week and holds together exactly a month worth of pages. I guess that's a little crazy, but it's the little things that make me feel like my life is in order.

Whenever I travel I love drawing a little map. This happened a lot when I would travel for sailing regattas.

Being that I am so forgetful, it helps for me to write down things that happen during the day.

This journal is from Freshman/ Sophomore year of school. I wrote everything in, obsessive about lists and drawings. Taking clippings from magazines and of places I love putting together collages.

I love this picture of my parents. I keep special notes and things in the back pocket to look at if I am feeling down.

I also got over my fear of having someone write in my notebook. Now its so nice to go back and look what other people wrote and to see their drawings.

 Some calenders have address books in the back. One I used to record the books I've and the other I use for its original purpose.