What is Simple?


sim·ply: adverb
     in a straight forward or plain manner
     merely; just

define Simple:
  • free from guile: innocent
  • free from vanity: modest
  • of humble origin or display
  • free of secondary complications
  • constituting a basic element: fundamental
  • free from elaboration or figuration
  • not limited or restricted: unconditional
  • readily understood or performed
     It can also have a negative association
  • lack of knowledge or expertise
  • not socially or culturally sophisticated: naive
 So why is simplifying your life important? Many people feel overwhelmed by their internal and external environment. With the addition of new technology so much information is constantly flooding your brain. It this necessary, what benefit does accumulating things and information have?
When you die, everything you've had in your life won't matter anymore.

Simply MME is about getting rid of extra things that I carry, mentally and physically, that are weighing me down. It is the journey of finding the boundaries of what is necessary and unnecessary in my life. I'm trying to seek clarity in what is important and what is extra.

*(This has been and continues to be my favorite song)