Cold/ Allergy Remedies


I've always had really bad allergies since I can remember. Some how it never managed to bother my sister, Jessica too much (who I shared a room with). My dad however, took it upon himself to wake me up in the middle of the night with a small cup of the worst tasting cough syrup. After insisted I did not want to drink that awful stuff he forced me to take it and against my wishes never managed to remember a cup of water to rinse it down with.

Fast forward to my second year of college when I was placed in a room with my roommate Matina. The move in day, my mom to my complete surprise and horror came equipped with a bag full of medicine and other cold/ allergy medicine. She also stated right in front of my new roommate that I might be keeping her up at night with all my coughing.

Some how I always manage to play it off as just allergies until it develops into something worse. No matter how many allergies pills I take, it has no effect on me.
So how do I deal with these desperate times before bed when my face feels unbelievable full with all sorts of good stuff?

1. Neti Pot

Not too long ago was I brave enough to try this. I was scared of 'I'm not sure what', happening. It's not a miracle worker but it helps just enough to make it something I am willing to do.
Its as simple as:
  • Boiling water, letting it cool
  • Adding solution
  • Tilting your head and letting the water run through
I still get a little nervous when I do it. The best way I can describe it would be if you had a running nose and decided to go in the pool (which is probably not the best idea). It's that same clean feeling, although you still have the deep congestion.

2. Aura Cacia

This room diffuser I purchased this week at Wegmans! I have constantly admire it in the past and finally picked one up! At only about $14 it was a great investment! The oils I got were Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Both have great antibacterial properties.

I was a little confused where the pad goes so this is a picture, it goes under the comb looking part.

I am not into air fresheners but this is amazing and helps me breath easier. Breathing the Eucalyptus in helps clear my sinuses the best. Just a few drops on the little pad, then it plugs into the wall. It's current location is not ideal because it is on its side. Being the only outlet in my bedroom though, it will have to do.

3. Water

This is the most important. Cold/ Allergies dry up everything possible. The mason jars help me to drink more because I don't have to keep refilling.

4. Humidifier

I did not add a picture because I have yet to take it out of my storage closet and clean it off. But putting a humidifier in your room at night in your bedroom with the door closed it amazing!

There are two kinds; cool mist and warm mist. I have the warm mist but the cool also works will.
This is the kind I have, its wonderful and has lasted several years.

5. Hot Wash Cloth

I also enjoy taking a wash cloth and running it under the hottest water possible and putting it over my face. It helps to breath in the hot air.

6. Thank you notes

When I don't feel well it also becomes an excuse to do all the things I love that get put off. Writing thank you notes and notes in general is one of my favorite things to do. This is a kit that came in a box my mom sent me from FabFitFun (I will do a post on it soon).

 I love the old time wax stamp. There was a bit of an issue though hhaha oh well.